We have just been given a new boat on a semi-permanent loan by one of our members. It’s to be used for Training and Recovery. We will take members out and show them how to:

  • Safely launch and retrieve a boat in our beach channel 
  • How to avoid getting bogged 
  • Navigation 
  • Reading the swell when leaving and entering the channel 
  • General safety including using flares
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs)
  • Life Jackets, GPS and towing boats

We will also help members with fishing tips as in reading sonar (fish finder), fish identification, rigs, knots, best bait for different species, cleaning and filleting fish. The boat will be operated and skippered by only one person to avoid any issues. It’s a 5.6 metre aluminium boat with a 150hp outboard motor and a 4 blade propeller which is perfect for this purpose. The Committee have given the job to me because I’m a great bloke. Actually it’s because I’ve got a tractor and I was the only one who volunteered to do it.

Boat with logos

Visitors are welcome except for special functions and all of January when it's members only

  • Sinker-making day where we recycle old fishing sinkers that are found around our coastline and melt them down and make new ones and hand them out for free.
  • We regularly take school children and other groups out onto the pier and teach them the finer points of angling. Recently we’ve taken out a group of indigenous kids from central Australia and also a group from Indonesia.
  • Fishing knots and rigs instruction days.
  • We take visitors out fishing in our boats and supply all the bait and tackle.
  • Personally I’ve taken out over 200 different people over the last few years.
  • World Sausage Roll Championships. We actually own the name and have it registered.
  • We have a judging panel of local personalities that award the best sausage roll Trophy to the new World Champion each year. We hand out free sausage rolls all evening.
  • Great Ocean Road Garlic competition for the best homegrown garlic bulb with novelty prizes.
  • Great Ocean Road Tomato competition for the best homegrown tomato along with novelty prizes.
  • Trophies are awarded for the above 3 functions.
  • We run Clean up Australia where we pick up rubbish around town, along the Great Ocean Road and even SCUBA dive and clean up under the pier.
  • We have a defibrillator that we maintain, listed on an Australian App so people can find it. It’s for the Point Grey Precinct.
  • We also run regular training evenings at the club with our local paramedics on operating the defibrillator and also CPR instructions.
  • We have a coffee cart operating all year around.
  • Live bands and Saturday Arvo Blues with free admission and sausage sizzle.
  • CFA Fundraiser with live music, sausage sizzle and raffles. Last Sunday in January.
  • Melbourne Cup Extravaganza with first drink free, free lunch, free sausage sizzle and fashions on the field with prizes.
  • Hawaiian Shirt Wednesdays (January) where anyone who wears a Hawaiian shirt receives their first drink free and each night we award a prize for the best shirt.
  • Traditionally Wednesday evenings have become the night when all the campers from the caravan parks get together at our club.
  • We also do a free sausage sizzle for these. All the above events are free to members and visitors.
  • We hold 10 fishing competitions each year with prizes awarded at each comp and trophies to the winners for the year.
  • At each of the 10 comps we supply free mixed grills or roast lunches to all competitors.
  • We have a free sausage sizzle every Friday night and several summer evenings.
  • We run an annual challenge against the Lorne Country Club with a golf comp with a perpetual trophy and also one against the Lorne Bowls Club for a lawn bowls challenge which also has a trophy.
  • We are open 7 days a week from the 1st of December until Easter then 6 days a week after that.
  • We have what we believe the best location on the Great Ocean Road to sit down and enjoy a cold refreshment and meet our friendly locals.
  • We are the main community hub not unlike an English village pub where everyone gets to catch up and enjoy each other’s company. We run a courtesy bus to get all our patrons home safely.
  • We have about 2,600 members which include locals, tourists, politicians, AFL footballers, TV personalities, actors, journalists, judges, barristers and company CEOs.
  • Each year we donate over $30,000 to local charities. School. Hospital. CFA. SES. RSL. Historical Society, Stribling Reserve, local people in need etc. We have also run fundraisers for Fire and Flood victims.
  • We run a boat licence instruction and testing day annually for members.
  • Our new weather station is up and running.
  • We send out a monthly newsletter called the Commodores Notes to over 3000 people on our database to keep them informed of all our functions.
  • At the conclusion of our AGM we have an open bar and a free BBQ.
  • Last year we handed out around 6,000 sausages all for free.